Brookstone Iceless Wine Chiller (Single Bottle Electric Wine Chiller/Warmer)

by coolerman on January 20, 2020

January 2020 UPDATE

It's been a long time since we wrote this initial review, and sad to say, the ratings on this wine chiller have dropped significantly. Although it still scores a 3.5 on Amazon, looking a little further, you'll see that a full 32% of reviewers gave it a 1 or 2-star rating. That's a non-starter for us, so this wine chiller is no longer recommended. If you're looking specifically for a single bottle electric wine chiller (as opposed to the old classic ice-filled wine chiller), we now recommend the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller It gets much better reviews – 65% are 5-star ratings, and it seems to have stood the test of time (it's been around since 2003.)

Our Rating:
Based on: 98 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $100 (around $100 online)
Capacity: 1 bottle


  • Electronic wine chiller cools or warms 40 types of red, white, champagne and sake.
  • Backlit LED screen displays current and target serving temperatures.
  • Patented Quick Chill feature brings your wine to the ideal temperature fast!
  • Count-down timer lets you know when your wine will be ready at a glance.
  • Screen color and audible tone let you know when your wine has reached its ideal drinking temperature.
  • Aluminum reservoir accommodates most wine and champagne bottle sizes.
  • Converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius.


  • Attractive design – nice enough to leave in the serving area
  • takes the guesswork out of maintaining the correct temperature of wine for serving
  • Automatically warms red wines and chills white wines to the optimal pre-set serving temperature, based on the wine type
  • maintains wine temperature


  • takes a very long time to chill white wines
  • a bit noisy

Sampling of owner comments about the Brookstone “Iceless Wine Chiller”:

  • Takes too long to work
  • never correctly discerned the actual starting temp of the bottle
  • great product for maintaining a wine's serving temperature – not for cooling it
  • one of the best items that I have ever bought
  • absolutely love it
  • takes all the guess work out wine drinking
  • warming of your wine it is perfect
  • marketing of this product is a bit off – doesn't take “just minutes” to chill a white
  • nice design
  • buying another this year to give away again
  • would certainly choose this for other wine lovers/entertainers on my list
  • gift recipient has a wine cellar and was amazed at the ease and varied temperatures that the product provided
  • liked his so well that I decided to purchase one for myself
  • purchased the product for a friend for Christmas and he said he would purchase one for a friend too

Our review:

Most folks raved about the Brookstone Iceless Wine Chiller, a nice single bottle electric wine chiller and warmer. Owners loved the fact that they could just set the type of wine, and forget about making sure it was at the right temperature for serving. Apparently, this electric wine chiller is a very popular gift choice, as quite a number of reviewers said they'd given it as a gift, and it was so wildly popular that they either bought another as a gift, or bought one for themselves.

Many folks complimented the Brookstone Wine Chiller on its attractive design as well. Although we did see a number of reviews that mentioned it was noisy, complaints of noisiness of the Brookstone wine chiller were not nearly as common as we've heard on other wine chillers, like the Waring Pro Single/Double Bottle Wine Chillers. There were certainly no complaints that it was too noisy to keep in the dining area, like reviewers of the Waring Pro Wine Chillers complained about. In fact, many reviewers commented that it was both attractive, and a conversation piece, and were happy to have it in the serving area.

As has been true for all the single bottle wine chillers we've researched, there were quite a few complaints about it taking literally hours for white wines to reach their target temperature. Several owners found this unacceptable, and a handful either returned or planned to return their wine chillers. However, many others simply opted to pre-chill their white wines in the kitchen refrigerator, then use the Brookstone wine chiller to more precisely reach serving temperature, then maintain it. This has been the case with all of the single bottle electric wine chillers we've checked out, with the exception of the Cooper Cooler Single Bottle Wine Chiller, which cools very nicely on its own, but uses ice to do so. Virtually all of the iceless wine chillers had trouble cooling white wines rapidly. Having said that, many of the Brookstone chiller owners commented that they were happy enough with its ability to cool white wines as well.

There were a few negative comments about this wine chiller's accuracy, but only a handful, in the nearly 100 reviews we've found. Many more folks commented that it was nice to actually serve their wines at the right temperature for a change, and it made quite a difference in their enjoyment. Even some seasoned wine aficionados were very pleased with the Brookstone Wine Chiller's ability to bring wines to the correct serving temperature.

All in all, the majority of Brookstone Wine Chiller owners loved their coolers, and were very glad they had made this purchase.

Bottom line recommendation:

January 2020 UPDATE

As we noted at the top of this review, The Brookstone Iceless Wine Chiller, single bottle electric wine chiller is NO LONGER RECOMMENDED. We're now recommending the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller.  It gets much better reviews – 65% are 5-star ratings, and it seems to have stood the test of time (it's been around since 2003.)

Check out our other recommendations for single bottle electric wine chillers, and our wine cooler buyer's guide.

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