Waring Pro Double Bottle Electric Wine Chiller (PC200) Review

by coolerman on November 19, 2009

Our Rating:
Based on: 8 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $275 (around $140 online)
Capacity: 2 bottles


  • Professionally engineered and elegantly designed tabletop wine chiller
  • Preprogrammed for 33 varieties of red, white, and champagne wines
  • 2 separate chambers cool and keep each bottle at selected temperature
  • Blue LCD backlit display; suitable for wine bottles up to 3-1/2 inches wide
  • Measures 10-1/2 by 7-1/2 by 10-3/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty


  • maintains 2 bottles of wine at the appropriate levels for each bottle, throughout serving
  • pre-programmed for a variety of wine types – no need to know the correct serving temperature


  • takes a long time to reach the appropriate temperature
  • very noisy
  • doesn't work so well for chilling whites

Sampling of owner comments about the Waring Pro PC200 Double Bottle Electric Wine Chiller:

  • Cooling fan extremely noisy
  • looks very nice and it is compact
  • eventually cooled the wine to the preset temperature, but it took longer than the manual stated
  • Great for red wine, not great for white wine
  • Chills the bottle to exact temperature the wine was intended to be served
  • white wine would have cooled much quicker in the refrigerator; cooling champagne is out of the question

Our review:

First of all, we only found 6 reviews for this wine chiller in our research, not much to base a judgment on.

The Waring Pro PC200 Wine Chiller, much like it's smaller sibling, the PC100 Single Bottle Electric Wine Chiller, doesn't actually chill wine very well, especially for a product that bills itself as a wine chiller. It takes considerably longer to chill a bottle of white wine than the advertising claims. It does seem to maintain both red and white wines at the target temperature, once the target temperature is reached, however.

The owners were fairly extreme in their opinions of the Waring Pro PC200, either liking it very much or hating it. Of those that did like it, they still complained about the noise, but found the benefits acceptable enough to offset the annoyance. Almost every one of the reviewers complained that it is extremely noisy, several stating that they could not be in the same room as the wine chiller while it was operating. A couple of reviewers actually returned it to the store, and another would have returned it, had it not been a gift.

All in all, the Waring Pro PC200 Wine Chiller seems to be a poor choice for a wine chiller. It sounds reasonably competent at maintaining temperature once the target temperature is reached, but is too noisy to have at the table. For a relatively expensive appliance like this, the satisfaction rate seems low. Those expecting to use this wine chiller to quickly get a bottle of white wine to serving temperature would probably be much happier with the Cooper Cooler Rapid Wine Chiller, although their labels will suffer for the convenience.

Bottom line recommendation:

The Waring Pro PC200 Wine Chiller is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Check out the Waring Pro PC200 on Amazon.

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