Ewave Single Bottle Wine Chiller – EWSWC2SI

by coolerman on February 19, 2010

Our Rating:
Based on: 5 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $40 Capacity: single bottle


  • Thermoelectric
  • fast cooling
  • On / off switch
  • AC/DC adaptor


  • attractive, so it can be kept on the countertop
  • thermoelectric, so silent


  • As with all thermoelectrics, they take a while to chill a bottle of wine
  • unknown brand, with reliability issues in other products

Sampling of owner comments about the Ewave single bottle wine chiller:

  • chills a standard size bottle in 10 minutes, stays cold for about 30 minutes
  • bought this for a wedding shower gift and she absolutely loves it
  • wine stays chilled very well
  • took about 1/2 hour to make the bottle slightly cool (not really chilled)
  • chilled the wine perfectly and kept it chilled

Our conclusion:

We couldn't find enough reviews of the Ewave single bottle wine chiller to come to a solid conclusion – we could only find 5 reviews for this particular wine chiller. We did find a few complaints about other products from this brand (it's apparently made by Daewoo) – in full size refrigerators and microwaves – but, those are entirely different products. Even the refrigerator uses a different technology (compressor) than this wine chiller (thermoelectric). So, we can't really say anything about the Ewave wine chiller's reliability.

Folks who bought this wine chiller for themselves or as gifts seem to really like it. It's attractive, it's quiet, and it chills a bottle of wine just fine. Only one reviewer complained about it's taking a long time to chill the wine. However, this is generally true of the vast majority of thermoelectric wine chillers. This has been the case with all of the single bottle electric wine chillers we've checked out, with the exception of the Cooper Cooler Single Bottle Wine Chiller, which cools very nicely on its own, but uses ice to do so.

The Ewave single bottle wine chiller can be purchased for around $40, so it's not much of an investment. So, the Ewave EWSWC2SI Single Bottle Electric Wine Chiller seems to be a good choice.

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