Wine Cooler Reviews – Ratings, and Recommendations

Finding and buying a wine cooler ( or wine cellar or wine chiller, depending on what you want to call it), can be a very time-consuming and risky process. We know, from experience. We've pored over hundreds of wine cooler reviews, both online and in magazines, and spent many hours searching through forums and owners share their experiences. From all this research, we've compiled all those opinions and recommendations into capsule reviews of many brands and particular units, making these observations available to you. Finally, we've put together a buying guide – what features are necessary, which features are nice to have, and which particular wine coolers we would recommend, for a variety of situtations. Included here, you'll find recommendations based on capacity, price, and features.

Hopefully, our research will save you hours of effort, and help you find the right wine cooler for you, one that will serve you long and well.

A good place to start, is to figure out what the most important features are, which may not be as obvious as you think. So, check out or wine cooler buying guide, and get started!

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