30-Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews

Avanti 30-Bottle Wine Chiller With Electronic Display Review (WC1500DSS)

Our Rating:
Based on: 9 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $500-$600
Capacity: 30 bottles
Capsule Review:The Avanti 30-Bottle Wine Chiller with Electronic Display seems to be very well received by people who have purchased it. All of the reviews we found were positive. Owners especially like the appearance – stainless steel outside, with wood trim on the shelves. Although we have limited input so far (we only found 9 reviews), the Avanti brand is well-respected, and has a reputation for reliability, so we can recommend this wine cooler with confidence.

Avanti 30-Bottle Wine Chiller (WC1500DSS) Full Review/Recommendation

Franklin Chef 36 Bottle Commercial Wine Cellar (FWC36; Also, Everstar HDC36SS)

Note: The Franklin Chef 36 Commercial Wine Cellar is apparently the same wine cooler as the Everstar HDC36SS sold by Home Depot. The owner manuals are identical for the two models, as are the appearance and features.

Our Rating:
Based on: 68 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $699
Capacity: 36 bottles
Capsule Review:Many of the reviewers for the Franklin Chef 36 bottle wine cooler really liked the unit – complimenting it on its stylish appearance and functionality. However, there were enough reports of problems with it dripping water or running hot that we felt it was not our first choice, so recommend that someone looking for a 30 bottle unit look further, such as the Avanti 30-Bottle Wine Chiller (WC1500DSS), below.

Franklin Chef 36 Bottle Wine Cellar (FWC36) – aka Everstar HDC36SS Full Review/Recommendation

Haier 30-Bottle Wine Cellar (BC112G)

Our Rating:
Based on: 15 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $235
Capacity: 30 bottles
Capsule Review:If you’re looking for a 30-bottle wine cooler, this Haier unit comes well recommended. We found 15 reviews online, and the average was 4 stars, out of 5. Taking into account that online reviewers tend to either love or hate the unit they’re reviewing, this is a solid recommendation. However, this particular model may be in short supply or discontinued, since it is no longer present on Haier's website.

Haier 30 Bottle Wine Cellar (BC112G) – Full Review/Recommendation

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