Very Nice Wines at Very Nice Prices

by coolerman on November 26, 2009

Consumer Reports may not be the first place seasoned wine enthusiasts look for wine recommendations, but for the casual wine drinker, looking for some solid values in good wines, it's a fine place to start. They don't rely on scientists and technicians for their wine reviews, of course, but rather enlist seasoned wine tasters to evaluate wines. A few times a year, CR publishes an article on their latest findings, both in the published magazine and in their online version.

Not surprisingly, CR's recommendations often include wines that we've seen reviewed positively, elsewhere. Here are a few picks from the latest CR review that we've also heard mentioned elsewhere. As they point out, in less expensive wine (under $20 a bottle), the exact vintage year doesn't matter so much, and these are reliable producers. So, choose one or more, and give it a try.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Columbia Crest Grand Estates Columbia Valley (around $11).

Sauvignon Blanc – Mud House Marlborough (New Zealand, around $14)

Zinfandel – Rancho Zabaco Dancing Bull (around $12)

Around the holidays is a great time to stock up on wine at very good prices. Our recommendation is to pick up a bottle of each of these that you might be interested in. And, if you like it, now is a great time to pick up a case. Just be sure you store it well. See the reasons for storing wine properly , then check out our reviews of 12 bottle wine coolers for starters.

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