Avanti 12-Bottle Wine Chiller Review (Avanti EWC120B)

by coolerman on November 11, 2008

Our Rating:
Based on: 23 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $110
Capacity: 12 bottles


  • holds 12 bottles
  • slide-out chrome shelves
  • solid-state (no compressor)
  • reversible glass door
  • lock
  • interior light with on/off switch
    energy efficient
  • quiet


  • Thermoelectric, so energy-efficient and quiet, with no vibration
  • Stylish
  • Inexpensive, as wine coolers go
  • Above-average reliability, compared to other thermoelectric wine coolers


(Note: all of these issues apply to all 12-bottle thermoelectric wine coolers.)

  • Limited capacity (compared to larger models – true for all 12 bottle wine coolers)
  • Being thermoelectric, cannot cool more than 20-25 degrees lower than ambient temperature

Sampling of owner comments about the Sunbeam 8 bottle wine cellar:

  • “I think I have the previous model of this cooler. I’ve had it at least 3 years now and it’s going great.”
  • “Too small for different types of wine bottles”
  • “this wine chiller does just that very well, chill”
  • “It all of a sudden stopped getting cold”
  • “The stainless steel look is nice and is neater than having our wine stacked messily in the pantry”
  • “Excellent value for the low price”
  • “horrible plastic smell on the inside of the fridge”
  • “I would probably get a bigger one and figure out where to put it
  • “delighted with our thermoelectric wine cooler”
  • “I have bought several of these coolers and have had no problems.”

Our review:

The Avanti 12-Bottle Wine Chiller gets excellent reviews from users, overall. Most people liked the compact size, pleasing appearance, quiet operation, overall practicality, and good value of this cooler.

There were a couple of isolated reports of the chiller stopping working (1) or having a horrible plastic smell inside (1), but most everyone else (of the 21 reviews we read) really like this wine cooler. Compared to the reviews we’ve read for other small, thermoelectric wine coolers we’ve read, this one is considerably more reliable. (For other chillers, we’ve seen as many as 25% of users complain that it failed early.)

As usual, a few users commented on the small capacity, and the fact that this cooler does not readily accept unusually sized (not Bordeaux) bottles without having to remove shelves. And, it doesn’t hold a lot in the first place. A recommendation we’ve heard over and over is to buy double the capacity that you think you need, and we agree wholeheartedly. However, if you’re a very infrequent wine drinker, or are looking for a wine cooler as a gift, the Avanti 12 Bottle Wine Chiller (EWC120B) would be an excellent choice.

Bottom line recommendation:

The Avanti 12 Bottle Wine Chiller (EWC120B) is RECOMMENDED.

Avanti 12-Bottle Wine Chiller Details

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