Vinotemp VT-12TEDS 12-Bottle Wine Cooler/Chiller

by coolerman on October 27, 2009

Our Rating:
Based on: 21 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $249 (around $180 online)
Capacity: 12 bottles


In a departure from our usual format for our wine cooler reviews, we're going to cut to the chase and tell you that the Vintotemp VT-12EDS 12 bottle wine cooler is strongly not recommended. Of the 21 reviews we read, all but about 3 reported that the unit died within an extremely short time frame – anywhere from 2 months to 24 months, with most less dying within a few months. The warranty for the unit is reportedly 90 days, so many folks are simply out of luck, unless they want to pay for new parts and labor, or parts and shipping. One owner reported ruined wine as well.

Sampling of owner comments about the Vinotemp VT-12TEDS Wine Cooler:

  • I had it for almost 20 months and it died.
  • died after 13 months… 10 months…even 1 month.
  • It's a piece of junk. Just like every other review here mine died.

(You can read the details here, if you really must know.)

Our review:

Some people who have purchased the Vinotemp VT-12TEDS Wine Cooler were initially impressed with is quiet operation, appearance, and features. However, in the vast majority of cases, their wine cooler died within a few months – typically past the 90-day warranty period.

Bottom line recommendation:

The Vinotemp VT-12TEDS Wine Cooler is NOT RECOMMENDED.

There are much better alternaives than the Vinotemp VT-12TEDS for a 12 bottle wine cooler, which you can find in our 12 bottle wine cooler reviews – specifically the Avanti EWC120B 12 bottle wine cooler.

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