Single Bottle Electric Wine Chiller Reviews

Wine chillers, in our use of the term, are small, tabletop units designed for chilling wine right before it’s consumed. (If you’re looking for a unit for storing wine for many months and years, you really should consider a wine cooler – a special refrigerator for wine, that maintains the proper storage temperature, and usually humidity. You can check out our wine cooler buying guide.)

There are a number of nice, single bottle wine chillers on the market, of various types. There are, of course, the old-fashioned ice buckets, with their requirement of ice, and their inability to actually control the amount of cooling. Next up in technology are the electric wine chillers, which either require ice cubes or a freezer pack for the actually cooling. Finally, there are purely electric wine chillers that do not need any pre-cooled substances to provide the cooling effect. It should be noted that this last group, although the easiest and hassle-free, also take far longer to chill the wine than those that use ice. In fact, most owners of these electric wine chillers recommend cooling your wine in the kitchen refrigerator first, to get it close to the target range, then using the electric wine chiller to take it to the actual target temperature and keep it there.

Now, for our recommendations.

Best Overall Electric Wine Bottle Chiller:

Our Rating:
Based on: 98 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $100 (around $100 online)
Capacity: 1 bottle

The Brookstone Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller is highly recommended by its current owners for its ease of use, attractive design, and overall usefulness. Like all “iceless” wine chillers, it takes considerable time to chill wine from room temperature to its optimal serving temperature. If you need to chill your wine quickly, you should consider the chillers that use ice or freezer packs for chilling – they’re much faster. Aside from the time to chill, reviewers really liked this chiller, and often made additional purchases.

Brookstone Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller Full Review

Best Rapid Wine Bottle Chiller

Our Rating:
Based on: 32 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $100 (around $70 online)

The Cooper Cooler is definitely the fastest of the single bottle wine chillers at bringing a bottle of wine to serving temperature, and it reliably keeping it there. Its only drawbacks are that it does require (lots of) ice, and it will typically destroy the wine bottle label in the process. If those issues are lesser concerns than the ability to chill wine very quickly, this is the wine chiller for you.

Cooper Cooler Rapid Wine Bottle Chiller Full Review