Magic Chef 8 Bottle Wine Cooler – Countertop

by coolerman on April 20, 2010

Magic Chef 8 Bottle Wine Cooler (MCWC8DCT2)

Our Rating:
Based on: 10 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $100 Capacity: 8 Bottles


  • 8-bottle capacity
  • Single zone
  • Temperature range: 44°F-66°F
  • Stainless steel look door
  • LCD digital controls
  • Interior light
  • Quiet thermoelectric cooling
  • 16.5"W x 11.2"H x 20.7"D


  • Adjustable shelves
  • Attractive design
  • Quiet operation


  • As with all thermoelectrics, they take a while to chill a bottle of wine
  • Questionable build quality 
  • Inaccurate temperature

Sampling of owner comments about the Magic Chef 8 bottle wine cooler (MCWC8DCT2):

  • functional, stylish, and at a phenomenal price
  • buzzing noise sometimes bothers me
  • had to take it back to the store to exchange it
  • Good value for the price
  • Temperature does not go as low as we would like

Our conclusion:

We found ten reviews of the Magic Chef 8 bottle wine cooler – enough to get a decent idea of how happy its owners are with it, but not enough to be conclusive. There were the typical complaints that it didn’t get cold fast enough (typical of thermoelectric cooler/chillers), and that the temperature range wasn’t accurate. Honestly, in a sub-$100 wine cooler, we wouldn’t expect accurate temperature setting capabilities.

Owners consistently agreed that this Magic Chef countertop wine cooler is very attractive, with its sleek stainless steel look. They also liked that the shelves are adjustable, which is not very common in a small wine cooler. Without this feature, it would be difficult (or possibly even impossible) to chill unusually sized bottles.

Reliability over the long term is hard to determine with this small of a sampling. We did find one (out of ten) that said their chiller was a lemon, and had to be returned. Another reported that the first one they bought had to be returned. That’s two out of just ten owners’ experience. We’d be a bit leery of the quality over the long term, but, again, for under $100, it may work well enough, long enough.

If you need a wine cooler that will chill your wine quickly enough to enjoy with unexpected guests, you may want to check out the Cooper Cooler Single Bottle Wine Chiller, which cools very nicely on its own, but uses ice to do so.

The Magic Chef 8 bottle wine cooler can be purchased for around $80 (on sale, online), so it’s not much of an investment. At that price, the Magic Chef 8 bottle wine cooler (MCWC8DCT2) seems to be a pretty good choice for a stylish, countertop wine cooler..

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