Igloo 8-Bottle Wine Cooler Review (FRW080)

by coolerman on November 4, 2008

Our Rating:
Based on: 7 reviews/ratings
Approximate price: $80
Capacity: 8 bottles


  • Thermoelectric
  • Low power consumption (0.5kWH/24h)
  • CFC free
  • Blue interior LED light
  • Measures 23 by 18 by 13 inches


  • Thermoelectric, so energy-efficient and quiet, with no vibration
  • Inexpensive
  • Accepts longer bottles
  • No reliability problems found so far


  • Limited capacity (compared to larger models – true for all 8 bottle wine coolers)
  • Being thermoelectric, cannot cool more than 20 degrees lower than ambient temperature

Sampling of owner comments about the Igloo 8 bottle wine cooler:

  • “takes 4 bottles of wine from room temperature down to 60 degrees F within a few hours”
  • “taller bottles (13”) fit nicely, with room to spare”
  • “Overall good value for the money” (often stated)
  • “Not capable of developing an internal temperature below 59 degrees F, in a kitchen with a room temperature of 71 degrees F”Note: This is typical of thermoelectric wine coolers – they can only cool down to 20-25 degrees below the ambient temperature.)
  • “Runs very quietly”(Note: This is typical of thermoelectric wine coolers, since they do not contain compressors.)
  • “Intuitive operation – one button for raise the temp, one button to lower it, and the interior light button“
  • “a steal at $80”

Our review:

The Igloo 8-bottle wine cooler, generally gets solid reviews from owners. Notably absent are any reports of the unit failing prematurely. (Although it should be noted that we’ve only seen 7 reviews so far, and one reviewer did complain that the unit did not lower the temperature sufficiently.) Most of the reviews we found commented on it being a nice little unit, especially for the price.

The Igloo cooler doesn’t take up much space – about the size of a microwave – and actually looks kind of like a microwave. Folks comment on it’s being very quiet, which is typical for thermoelectric coolers, since they don’t have compressors. A few commented on the fact that it did not get as cold as they expected, or needed, but that, too, is typical of thermoelectric wine coolers. Thermoelectric coolers can only get about 20 to 25 degrees cooler than the surrounding environment. If you need to store wine in a warmer environment, you’ll probably want to look for a compressor-type wine cooler.

Overall, the Igloo 8-bottle wine cooler seems to be well liked by most owners, so we’re recommending it to shoppers who really want a small, inexpensive wine chiller. (We still recommend that people who purchase wine fairly regularly actually move up to a larger capacity wine cooler, something on the order of 20-50 bottles.)

Bottom line recommendation:

The Igloo 8 Bottle Wine Cooler is recommended as a small, reliable, countertop wine cooler, in a room temperature environment.

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Tom August 15, 2010 at 11:19 pm

My daughter received one of these coolers Model FRW080 as a house warming gift and within less than a year the cooler had some form of an over heat problem and quit. Upon removing the rear panel and looking at the small electronic board in the rear of the cooler you could see where it overheated and burned up the board right at one of the heat sink posts, the board was darkened indicating burning or quite a bit of heat discoloring the board. After seeing this 1) I would never buy one of these guys, 2) this would make me uncomfortable with the thought of this product in my home possibly starting an electrical fire when someone wasn’t there or even if someone was but at night when everyone is asleep, not a product I would recommend…..

R. SNIDER September 30, 2010 at 9:36 pm

My Igloo FRW080 failed after about 3 years of use. It appears to be a power supply that has burned out. I was never pleased with the unit because it was not cool enough for my taste.

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